Golden Harvest


Download Golden Harvest Alpha 0.2

Golden Harvest is a roguelite game about survival. You find yourself on a desolate island (the island is randomly generated). And you’ve got various skills at your disposal which you can use to survive. For starters, you want to grab a few rocks and carve a primitive axe and pickaxe out of it. Now you have the ability to chop wood, and mine stone. The (pick)axes can be used as a weapon as well, although you want to make better weapons (battleaxes, swords, warhammers, bows) as soon as possible.

Now you’ve got the ability to build various tools to help with your survival, like a campfire or iron pot for cooking, an anvil for smithing, a kiln for smelting, etcetera. Collect different items to unlock new crafting recipies.

For more help, please visit the (work in progress) Golden Harvest wiki.

Features available right now:
Alpha 0.2 (current version):
- Texturepacks
- Character customisation
- Tutorial/Achievements.

A texturepack is provided, and makes the game look like this:

Alpha 0.1:
- Crafting
- Cooking
- Smelting
- Smithing
- Beekeeping
- Agriculture
- Battlesystem (close combat & ranged)
- Lighting engine
- Field of view
- Potion brewing
- Leveling (strength, dexterity, etc.) (Unbalanced, very easy to become very strong).
- Drugs.

Planned features:
- Dungeon crawling: 75% done (inactive until 100% completion).
- Randomized loot for dungeons: 0% done.
- Pet system: 0% done.
- Seasons: 25% done.
- Magic: 0% done.
- NPC’s: 0% done.
- Storyline: 0% done.

Continuing tasks:
- More variation in crafting/cooking/brewing recipies.
- More interesting cooking.
- More variation in naturally occuring tiles (more kinds of stone/ore/wood, etc).

Please enjoy and tell me what you think.

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