Creating a dungeon generator for roquelikes. 2

Creating a dungeon generator for roquelikes.
Roquelikes, dungeon generators, procedurally generated levels and worlds are very popular. There are a lot of options and tutorials around the web for generating heightmaps, but what I found is that there aren’t many ideas on generating dungeons. Well, there are actually quite a few ways to generate dungeon systems. But there is one approach ...

My apologies!

It seemed that people were unable to comment for a while. I have been getting a lot of spam in the past, and I installed a captcha plugin. Well, the plugin worked that good that nobody was able to comment at all. I mean, it’s a solution to spam, but not exactly what I had ...

Indian Hal has all the wisdom

Indian Hal has all the wisdom
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Love2D Tutorial #1: Hello World! 3

Love2D Tutorial #1: Hello World!
Chapter #0: Why Love2D? Love2D is since lately my framework of preference to code with, it’s fast, lightweight, and works very well. I could recommend any starting game developer to start with this framework, it’s very easy to get, cross platform, and not to mention the community is great! You can take a look at ...

I am trying to train Megahal to a proper nerd, he is getting there….

I am trying to train Megahal to a proper nerd, he is getting there....
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Random Heightmap generator continued

Random Heightmap generator continued
A while ago, I was working on this, my neat little heightmap generator. Well, I have left it for awhile. You know how it is, life happens. Actually I was working on some bigger projects, I helped some people here and there, and got invited to a team to work on a (great) game, which ...

Not so random level generator.

Not so random level generator.
I am a big fan of procedural generated content, but what if we generated something of which the outcome was exactly what you suspected it to be instead of a random coherent mess? I thought about this subject a lot, and I found quite a convincing solution. As a programmer, amature musician, and math enthousiast, ...

Ludum Dare 24 Löve-Party “Evolutius”

Ludum Dare 24 Löve-Party
Evolutius Welcome to Evolutius, Created by LOVE-Party for the 24th Ludum Dare Jam! Fight your way through ever-changing terrain against foes that become progressively craftier as your journey continues. Though we ultimately didn’t make the deadline, We will finish this. Screenshots: To run the game, download the zipped folder from github, and drag the folder ...

Yafg taking shape

Yafg taking shape
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Height map generator [WIP] 1

Height map generator [WIP]
[Work in Progress] Until now I have been using perlin noise classes from other sources to make my procedural worlds. I didn’t really like the idea of using classes from others for it, so I made my own class from scratch to get the results I need, with a total different approach. I am unsure ...