Random Heightmap generator continued

A while ago, I was working on this, my neat little heightmap generator. Well, I have left it for awhile. You know how it is, life happens. Actually I was working on some bigger projects, I helped some people here and there, and got invited to a team to work on a (great) game, which I will write some more about when it’s time.

Well, I started working on the height map generator today again! I redid the whole thing in Lua, with the Love2D framework.

I’ve got to say, it has become quite convincing. I will upload some screenshots here, and upload the source! the license of the source is CC-BY-3.0, so if you are going to use it, give me credit. That’s all I ask. Link back to this site and I am one happy panda :).

For the latest version, check out the Wogen Bitbucket page.
Run it as usual in the Love2D Framework.

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